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Business Material / Stationery

We would be happy to provide you with a quote. To get the quote as accurate as possible please provide us as much information and detail as you can.

Below you have the option to upload files.

Preferred File Types:

  • PDF Files-high res, Fonts embedded or sent with file
  • EPS Files-unlocked/grouped, fonts set to outline
  • High res jpegs, tiffs, vector art
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

File Requirements:

  • Full Color Jobs must be set up CMYK
  • 2-3 Color Jobs must be color specked for printing color separations (except for digital output)
  • Ink Bleeds should be at least 1/8” from cut lines with crop marks

Questions? Need a template? Feel free to contact us or call 518-371-4649!

* Required
Business Cards
Mailing Envelops
Letterhead or Stationery
Carbonless forms
Rubber Stamps
Scratch Pads
Raffel tickets
Others (please specify below)
Black & White
Full (4) Color
Ink Bleeds:   (specify # of sides):
Paper Stock: 
8 ½ X 11
4 ¼ X 5 ½
5 ½ X 8 ½
8 ½ X 14
11 X 17
1 Sided
2 Sided
Attach File (25MB Limit)


Standard Black & White copies
ONLY 3 cents each. *see details below 
Standard Color copies
ONLY 25 cents each. *see details below

1,000 #10 Regular White Envelopes with Black or Blue Ink
ONLY $48.00

1,000 #10 Regular White Window Envelopes with Black or Blue Ink ONLY $52.00

Copy Special Details
Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
.03 cent black & white copies (machine feedable or single original only), staples .05 cent each, Binding: Spiral, Velo, GBC Comb or saddle stiching available, Trifolding free, .25 cent color-All copys based on #24lb white stock.